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Scotland End Of Time Judgement


Going To Try And Make This Brief. I Didn’t Plan To Write End Times Judgements For All Nations.

Often Now As I Look To Write Policy. I Think, Have I Written A Formal End Times Judgement? Because It Seems Like If I Don’t Know Or Have Not Documented How Nations Stand. The Policy Is Not Valid.

Many Nations I Don’t Follow News. Depending On Spirit Coming From There If It Stinks I’ll Write A Judgement. South America For Example I Haven’t Done Any Judgements. Again, Never Planned It To Be A Formal Job. Will Only Do South America If Lucas Ramos Steps Out Of Line.

With Scotland We Went There As Children. It’s Romantic And All To Think Of Your Heritage. But The Lands And The People Are Different Things. Even In My Own Home, There Are Hidden Messages That I’m Being Told The History Of Scotland Is The Past. I Wanted To Rebuild One Of King James Old Castles. And Take My Broads Back There.

Anyways Just As We Look Down On The Lands Of Japan, Thailand & The USA And Don’t Like What We See. The Spirit Coming From Scotland Is Disgusting.

Some Of It Is Low Cult Masonry. Some Of It Is Hexing. Some Of It Is Generated AI. But All Of It Is Trash Absent Of Teaching, Good Spirit Or Intent For Our Future.

It’s Not Fitting To Just Let The Lands Be Occupied By Foul Spirited People. The Bible Teaches Us That A Time Will Come Where The Lands Are Filled With Bad Spirit. That Speaks Of The Relatively Few Scottish People I Know And Have Met. Truth Is. Many Scots In Scotland Probably Still Bow To The 666 Cult And Clan Affiliations When The Truth About Our Clans And Crests Is They Are Designed To Be Deeper Lessons On Who We Really Are And How We Should Be.

A Note On The Scottish People And French People as We Come To Do The France End Of Times Judgement. Like I Said Of The Pharaohs. They Have Been All Over The Map. Same Goes For Scottish People And French People. The Scotts And Frankish Bloodlines Have Been All Over The Plane Far Beyond My Own Travels. That Being Said, This Judgement Is Specifically For The Beings That Currently Occupy The Lands Of Scotland.

It’s Telling That We Can Be Boots Down In Australia. And Tell With Our Hearts Alone. The Shit They Are Pumping Out Of French And Scottish Media Is A Deceptive Hoax And A Fraud. Those Riots Dried Up Quickly Didn’t They? The People Are Beyond Being Deceived. By A Network And Cult Practicing Casting Hexes Over Our Lands And Beings. Like We Say Of Other Nations. It’s Not Permitted That Scotland Be Used As A Land To Cast Such Hexes.

It’s Telling That From Australia We Can Spot And Try To Eliminate And Inform About Corporate Cult Phonetic Hexes Being Cast On The People Of Scotland. But Where Is Such Work In Their Own Media? Its Not Present Because The People On The Lands Don’t Have The Mind Or The Spirit To Liberate The Lands Or Use Them For The Correct Purpose.

The Beings Who Currently Occupy The Lands Of Scotland Have Failed Their End Of Time Judgement. They Will Be Subjected To Accelerated Spiritual Testing To Ascertain If They Are Fit To Stay In The Realm. 

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