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Spain End Of Times Judgement.

Spending Finite Time On This. Of Limited Interest.

Don’t Watch Spanish News. Have Received Telephone Calls On The Nature Of The Leadership There.

I Have Travelled To Places In Search Of Spanish Culture And Influence.

My True Inkling Is That Other Nations And Other Peoples Including The Peoples Of South America And Some Asian Nations Have Rejected And Forcibly Removed Spanish Influence Over Their Lands. Because They Do Not Like What The Spanish People Bring To The Table.

It Seems To Me That All Of Europe Is Beneath The Spirit Level Required Of Humanity And More Interested In Shooting Shallow Baseless Hexes With Worthless Meaningless Corporate Light Pipes.

In Short Spain Have Failed Their End Of Time Judgement.

Don’t Have Any Plans To Publish Further Orders Relating To Spain. 

I Think That On The Whole Spanish People Will Find That Nations All Across Earth Are Less Welcoming Of Their Presence And Their Economic Contributions Because Of The Poor Petty Spirit They Showed At The End Of Time. And For The Suppressive Occult Forces That They Chose To Align With.

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