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Thailand / Siam End Of Time Judgement

The Thai Siamese People Have Not Passed Their End Of Time Judgement. 

The Thai / Siamese People Have Been Found To Be A Perpetual Curse Race That Curse Our Blood.

At A Future Date We Will Be Providing A Range Of Decode Keys And Lessons To Confirm That.

During Our Lives The Thai People Chose To Practice A Violent Insurrection Against Our Peoples Utilising Technologies, Occultisms And Ancient Crafts That We Taught To Them. That They Learned From Us. 

Obviously We Don’t Teach People Our Ancient Practices To The Full Extent.

The Thai People, Just As The Japanese People. Wage An Occult War Against Our People. We Won’t Make A Formal Declaration Of War Against The Thai People. However. As Our People Continue To Ascend A Purging Will Take Place In Thailand And The Thai / Siamese People Will Be Subjected To The Full Realities Of The Organic Spiritual Realm. The Thai People Will Learn To Understand The Consequences Of Abusing The Deep And Powerful Occultisms We Have Taught Them. That Realistically Can Be Studied, Taught And Learned. But A Better Understanding Is That The More Powerful Crafts Are Graced Upon People Found To Be Deserving. 

Many Of The Acts The Thais Undertake Are Commensurate With Murder. Which Speaks Volumes Of People Eye Endeavoured To Engage In Peaceful, Graceful Relations With For Many Years.

Our People No Longer Consider The Geographic Region Known As Thailand Or Siam, As A Region Where Thai / Siamese People Exclusively Reside. Once The Purging Is Completed Our People Will Make A Non Violent Non Military Occupation Of Thailand And Construct Towns Independent Of The Thai Legal Frameworks And Governmental Infrastructure. So That We Can Keep A Closer Watch Over The Region And Its Leaders In The Years To Come.

We Have A Number Of Punishment Orders For The Thai People Live Which Are Still Current. More Orders Relating To Thailand / Siam Will Be Posted In The Future. 

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