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Australia Law and Policy Changes will Result in the loss of Thousands of Police Jobs.

Police Force Job Losses Australia

I’m a huge fan of Bob Dylan. Just Kidding. Not really. Never wasted my time on his music. It was really some type of dark occult suppressive Jewish magic my senses perceive.

But maybe we could say the times are a changing. Or Maybe there is a better way to say it. Maybe we could say we are going back to where we once were. Where we are supposed to be.

With monumental changes sweeping through our legal and court systems and major changes to the way things that have traditionally been considered as crimes are handled expect to see major changes in our policing forces.  

Over the coming years we are set to see massive reductions in the number of serving police officers in Australia. In the same period we are set to see a great improvement in the level of security safety and wellbeing of Australian citizens as a result of the reforms. 

Given the extent of the fraud and falsification that takes place within the police forces it is not unreasonable to see force numbers in each state reduce by around 50%. The reductions will deliver great savings to the public purse and will be seen in both the officers and administrative areas of policing.

Further to this, once we have sifted through all the acts of falsification and fraud within the police force, there will be great scope to involve private corporations in the area of security, insurance and government in prosecution for participating in fraud. We believe many of these corporations will be internationally based in nations such as Israel, France and Germany. 

The standing police forces are directly accountable for the crime of Genocide in Australia. Police that lose employment may be called to participate in trials for the crimes they have committed in Australia after their dismissal.

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