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Australia’s “Jewish” Schools to Play Role in Prison Rehabilitation Programs.

Jewish Kids

Part of the goals of our work are to make society more equitable. Some people that have been to prison in Australia may have done bad things. But from my own experience in Australia there are corrupt occult forces that target and then harass individuals for protracted periods of time. The one time I have been arrested I later discovered was planned 10 years in advance by a Jew Cult that essentially practice corruption on earth.

Expect that people that have police forces and other stalkers constantly harassing them are more likely to have run ins with the law. So it is evident to me that many of the people who have been to prison in Australia probably have not deserved it or have been targeted for that outcome.
All men that leave Australian correctional facilitates are presented with an open invitation to visit “Jewish” Schools. The Kids there will welcome you with open arms and Classrooms will host open forums to discuss your time in correctional facilities. Before you attend we encourage you to research in as much detail as possible who sent you there and get an understanding of why. The Kids are fast learners and will want to know the whole story.
All former inmates in Australia will be guided that Jewish Schools will be the start of their path toward justice.

This program will tie in to programs we are soon to announce that will enable victims of prison assaults, false imprisonment, police harassment, legal harassment etc to seek restitution from both the bodies involved in the harassment and their biological descendants. Some of the “Jewish” schools that former inmates are invited to attend can be found below.  More schools will be included in our coverage as soon as the program is rolled out in Europe, the Americas and Australia.

There are more public policy announcements coming from ForeignPolicy.TV soon.

Policy for the new earth.

Post Publishing Amendment: This was posted as a way to channel out our anger towards the Jewish communities disgraceful conduct on earth. Since publication we have removed one recommendation that was not appropriate for a formal policy that will be introduced across earth. The recommendation as a whole however will be followed and we expect to see it rolled out. We feel that the policy is a great way to deal with jewish conduct in our financial, legal and governmental institutions.

Lindfield Preschool & Primary School 15 Treatts Rd Lindfield
Sydney 2070 Preschool & Primary
Tel: (02) 9449-3744
Masada College St Ives Campus
9-15 Link Rd Sydney 2075 High School Tel: (02) 9449-3744
Moriah College
Queens Park Rd Bondi Junction Sydney 2022 Tel: (02) 9387 3555
Mt Sinai College
6 Runic Lane Maroubra Sydney 2035 Tel: (02) 9349-4877
North Shore Temple Emanuel Hebrew and Religion School
28 Chatswood Ave Chatswood Sydney 2067After Hours Cheder
Tel: 61 2 94197011   Fax: 61 2 9413 1474
After Hours Cheder School Principal: Rabbi Gary Robuck
NSW Board of Jewish Education 56 Roscoe St Bondi Beach Sydney 2026
Tel: (02) 9365 7900
NSW Board of Progressive Jewish Education 
7 Ocean St Woollahra
Sydney 2025
Tel: (02) 9328-7844
Ohr Torah 243 Old South Head Road Bondi Sydney
Ohr Torah College P.O. Box 493
Rose Bay Sydney NSW 2029
Primary School Tel: 0425323076 Fax: 02 9371-0348
Primary School
The Emanuel School 20 Stanley Street Randwick Sydney 2031
Tel: (02) 9398 8388
Yeshiva College 36 Flood Street Bondi
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