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Should Governments and Media be forced to Label Simulated Masonic Ritual Events.

Turnbull Bourke St
Turnbull Bourke St

In January 2017 The Australian Prime Minister participated in a Masonic ritual event passed off to the Australian public as a Terrorist attack.

Since that time the attack has been perpetuated in the Media continually, and the fear and horror of terror has been projected into the consciousness of Australian citizens.

Many media sources have called this event for what it was, staged. And when assessing news and media coverage in Australia as a whole, there are many events that originate from Masonic Lodges that are passed off as works of god.

In 1999 Kubrick released Eyes wide shut. Without covering the entirety of the films contents, the punchline seems to be telling us that those responsible for the crimes against humanity of the past generation, are the leaders of the Masonic order & the founders of the Modern state of Israel.

With numerous government bodies including police bodies in Australia taking direction from masonic bodies including the Order of the Eastern Star and the Sovereign Military order of the Knights of Malta, to what extent can Australians trust that these bodies are acting in the best interests of Australian Citizens. And more importantly, how can we be certain that the targeted destruction of the human mind embarked on by the Jewish & Masonic leaders of the last generation has not been stopped?

The fact of the matter is that it is evident that the government has little regard for Australians as a whole, and I am yet to see any assessment of the damage to our communities that these events cause.

What ever the symbolism and meaning in these rituals, is irrelevant. There is no meaning in their meaning, because they have broken the key law of humanity, do no harm.

How many homeless families, how many disenfranchised Australian citizens are bamboozled by these events? How many peoples fear consumes them? How many people are sent astray or driven insane by them.

Kubrick made it clear in Eyes Wide Shut, the Jewish leaders of Freemasonry on earth have not had the best intentions for humanity in mind. The only way to protect Australians from this sinister behaviour is ensure Government, Media, Police and Masonic bodies are made to label their simulated events for the protection of humanity.

And just as society has pursued the Roman Catholic church for it’s participation in crimes against humanity, let us ensure that the Masonic order and the founders of the Modern state of Israel are also held accountable for the vile, violent and despotic crimes against humanity to ensure that they cease.

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