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Uniform Terror. Australia’s police uniforms store their history of violence and terror against Australian communities.

Uniform Terror - Police, Israel and England's Corrupt Masons
Uniform Terror - Police, Israel and England's Corrupt Masons

England’s Masonic Lodges, The Flag of the State of Israel and the uniform of Australia’s Police forces.

All Blue.

And that’s not all that these three have in common.

A history of violence and a lack of regard for the rights of the individual would also be common ground.

And that checker board that crosses the police hats. The same checkerboard design that covers the floors of masonic lodges.

Symbolic of the ground floor. As aptly demonstrated through the police forces historic conduct.

The forces that operate in Australia trace back to a few specific control centres. Although we haven’t investigated in any detail.

We can loosely imagine;

The US Federal Reserve. Rome. The Knights of Malta. The State of Israel. England’s Masonic Order.

These are the goons that sit above the Corporate and Government Goons that run the system day to day.

How their businesses operate? Police thugs enforce a range of government rackets. From fining citizens for doing just about anything. To running complex long term medical rackets. That are often executed with protracted long term police violence and force against communities.

Forced immunisation. Forced Chemo Therapy. Forced Prohibition. Whoever said that medicine was a delicate field?

And the government is indeed entrepreneurial. I mean industries that you thought yesterday were illegal, the government now has their ever eager eye on. And it doesn’t seem that there is a single business that the government does not operate in in some way shape or form.

But more lucrative than the medical industry and any other industry that it dares to get its mitts on is the industry of the trust system that it imposes on its citizens. The trust system that says that if you abuse citizens with lies and deceptions long enough and administer a maritime admiralty system then you can milk revenue off them for the bulk of their lives.

This system reaches into all aspects of citizens lives including business, travel and medical.

It seems like the only way to escape the Violence of Australia’s police force is to seek the light of God, and ensure that your affairs are administered in a fashion that would be considered holy.

And even if you manage to escape the grasp of Australia’s violent police and their fraudulent legal systems, then you have the technology Grid system that is rapidly being erected to deal with.

In these modern times as most reasonable people regard what was known as the Jewish Holocaust as a falsified event it is evident Australia’s police who reined terror over Australian citizens for decades undoubtedly have created more pain, more suffering and more trauma than Hitlers SS.

The brutality and violent history is stored forever in their uniforms. As an inter-generational trauma that will forever haunt the Indigenous people of Australia and the Australian communities that Police have so violently terrorised.

If we do want the indigenous people of Australia to live in Australia without fear and the terror of the past. Maybe it is time for a change in those uniforms to something less traumatic. And maybe a change in where their leadership comes from.

Until radical changes are made to Australia’s Police their victims will be left with just one thing.


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