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What is the court of light and how did we reach our first Judgement.

Court Of Light
Court Of Light

The Court of light is a digital Etheric court founded by Sovereign Stuart Andrew.

The court was established when we identified mass corruption in the Australian court system and witnessed the administration of justice in Australia by way of deception.

Our first judgement was derived from analysis of the works of the past generation, that allowed us to identify media fraud and media deception that flowed into the financial and government and justice systems.

The first judgement was derived from works encoded into the light of Hollywood movies by the last generations leaders of the Masonic order, high level leaders of the church systems and other esoteric orders.

Examples of movies analysed with encoded messaging include:
Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut
Hal Ashby’s Being There
Stanley Kubrick’s Shining
Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange

The core findings of the first judgement of the court of light is that the leaders of the last generation who initially took their power from the Holy Roman Emperor and later the Roman Catholic Church, failed in their duties. Not only did they fail in their duties, they partook in the practice of inter human parasitism and occult practice intended to debase and destroy the true nature of humanity.

For their crimes against humanity they and their descendants should be stripped of all authority to guide and influence human affairs and humanity should look to a new generation of leaders to guide humanity in finance, law, health and government.

This is the core of the first judgement and our court will preside of futher analysis of esoteric works and judgements in the future.

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