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Women Engaging In Murderous Conduct Are Not Immune From Violent Retribution

I Think It’s Just Worth Stating. That Nowhere Does It Say. That Women Are Permitted To Walk Around Engaging In Ignorant Violent Murderous Conduct. And Then Be Forgiven. I Believe If You Are A Woman. And You Have Conducted Yourself With Murderous Intent Against Our Humanity. You Are Marked Up. You Hold The Paperwork. And In Time. You Will Be Punished. We Don’t Allow Women To Murder Us. Just Like We Don’t Allow Japanese To Murder Us. And We Don’t Allow Niggers Or Indians To Murder Us.

All Beings Found Conspiring Violence Against Our Beings Will Face Blood For Blood Punishment. Including Women.

I Know It Would Be Nice To Think That All Women Are Delicate Innocent Flowers. But Eye Seem To Hold Bodies Of Photographic Evidence That Indicate That Women Are Not That.

So Be Sure. A Woman. Or A Man. Conspiring Murder Against Us. Will Face Consequences All The Same. 

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