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Yes there was a pattern of police attacks on white Christian men. Yes we did notice.

It’s funny isn’t it that comedian’s make jokes about gaining sympathy for white men.

Well how about sympathy for white Christian guys? Harder? Probably.

So yeah an up-hill battle gaining sympathy but let me tell you from the media I was viewing at the time. There was a pattern in England and NZ of these attacks by the corrupt freemasonic forces. Some of them were worse than mine. So Ive talked about my raid, I’ll spare you the boredom of detailing that again in this post, but what I wanted to convey in this post that I was not alone and yes I did notice.

There was a pattern of attacks on men that I noticed across variety of media platforms that all shared the same patterns. Christian men that seemed like they have half a brain that seemed like they have lived relatively free lives and that seemed willing or able to question that status quo. These men experienced a range of attacks that included drugging, police assault and attempted institutionalisation.

So the defences we have erected in our media are by no means just about me, they are about a force working in our nation attempting to steal our heritage. I have traveled the world and not experienced such violence against me anywhere. Not in Kenya. Not in Asia. Not in England. So the men, the companies, the bodies involved in these attacks will experience a back lash like they have never experienced. Because we can’t live in these nations until they are safe. So again, the bodies involved are going to experience such a profound transformation that they won’t know whats hit them, in-fact the pace with which things are going to change I personally believe many with historical connections to old ways in institutions like police won’t survive. We can’t let others lowness stop our own progress.

Another thing that I wanted to highlight in this post is the pattern of censorship associated with these attacks. We also noticed that some of the men that were subjected to violent attacks were also censored by mainstream platforms. Its interesting I wasn’t censored on youtube. I was on Instagram but I think that the mainstream platforms know me well enough that If they censored me alarm bells would have rung with other people. But some of the guys that dealt with violent police attacks were just deleted from the platform. Can you imagine the frustration. You have been assaulted by pigs. They want to put you in a ward. And then your so called open communication platform censors you. Thats really scary guys. Its really scary what they think they can get away with.

My media consumption behaviour is varied. Every day I scan the papers. I don’t read them, there is not much substance there. But then I also scan around youtube. Scan around different social platforms. And what I noticed in Australia is that there were a bunch of christian men who were attacked. What you have to realise is that the police force are literally pigs. So if you ordered them to go out and sexually assault a bunch of children. Steal their medication. They would probably just say yes. Follow orders. And thats what they have done. But they seem to have targeted men that they wanted to make weak. Because they had a brain. Because they had the willingness to speak. Well we are getting better at speaking. So I think that you are going to find that any organisation that attacks us is going to face the consequences of the behaviour. These are christian nations. Any organisation that doesn’t respect the christian people of these lands will pay the consequences of those attacks.

All of these mainstream platforms are a curse. Are administered as a curse. So men that seek to speak truth will never experience success on Youtube. Instagram. So on so forth. They are curse platforms run by the Jew Curse cults. But we don’t have to rely on them. We have communications systems completely separate from the dull mainstream platforms. So no matter what transpires we will have the ability to maintain our own communications with the outside world.

There was a pattern of attacks against white christian men by corporates operating out of the USA and Israel. The Consequences of their actions will cost them more than they will ever comprehend.

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