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A List Of Perpetual Curse Races

– Japanese
– Korean
– Han Chinese
– Breton
– Filipino
– Thai/Siamese
– Burmese (All Ethnic Races)
– Indian
– Nepali
– American
– Swiss
– Dutch
– Pakistani
– Iranian
– Saudi (Arab)
– German
– Germanic Ashkenazi
– Jewish
– Swedish
– Danish
– All African Races

The Main Purpose Of This Post Is To Maintain A List. However Our Principal Relationship With These Races Is To Contain And Curtail Them. Ensure Our Lands Are Secure From Their Presence. Ensure Our Markets And People Are Secure From The Products They Produce. And Put In Place Expansion Plans Into Their Lands To Ensure We Can Oversee Their Development And Conduct.

This List Will Be Maintained And Expanded Over Time.

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