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A Typewriter For a Bullied Boy.

So Tom Hanks wants to give a Typewriter to a Bullied Boy.

Does Bullied Boy take the typewriter. Looks like there could be a lot of steel in that thing right?

First things first.

Lets Inspect the light what can we see first? A Big Black Prick right in the middle. I think we might need to introduce that big black prick to some of the old white European Cunts I was telling you about.

There I go again. With my potty mouth. Tom Hanks ain’t gonna like that.

One thing I have tried to explain before. A lot of my work I get up and start with trying to have fun. So Sometimes Im really just playing with light. And what I tried to teach people, is that Kubrick’s films are not just him shooting stories and then cutting them. When you play with the cameras etc long enough it is almost like you are practicing light divination. So you look into the light and you let it look back at you. Wisdom in Wisdom out. There is like a membrane effect happening. How many film makers have shot a scene and come back to realise on inspection what has come down the lens is not what they expected? I bet men have learned sublime things this way. Observing what the light is telling you instead of pretending you control it all.

So I suspected this typewriter came from a Dark place. How do I know. Tom hanks has given himself over to darkness. Pure Darkness. You should see some of the pink pieces he’s been popping on. UNHOLY.

If those boys wanted to develop an authentic and direct relationship with God like I have they would have been well served to invest in a pale peach polka-dotted nylon traditional unisex Japanese sleeping moo moo.

Anyone telling stories about Stu wearing a dress has either been looking in the wrong mirrors or is confused.

So for the time being Alex is Telling Tom to place his typewriter and quaint plumbing the same place he can stick his watches. Sometimes my own vulgarity shocks me. Gates guarded by Old white European Cunts? What Was I thinking. Oh I forgot to tell you about the Muslim Guys didn’t I? With the funny looking head pieces. Scary looking folks. Hope I don’t have to meet them. First its the funny apron boys now the funny headwear fellas. I need a holiday.

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