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Americas Anti Christian Curse Cults Could Be the Cause of Australia’s Current Curse Culture Crisis.

It seems to me like the biggest problem facing any christian Australian is America’s anti christian curse cults and the corrupted cultures they create in Australia’s critical societal institutions.

I mean we should have basic standards. If we spot nefarious behaviour we should be able to call for it to stop. And if our standards are violated then men should be thrown into a cell for 30 days with a copy of their King James. 1611. That’s my preference.

These are standards that we should feel in our heart. That when they pick up a microphone. When they take a stage. When they perform work in our governments. There should be a certain level of intellect. There should be a certain level of intention. I mean my life is going to be entirely consumed by removing frauds and curses and hexes from around me. Australia is just a big parasite and we are the food. But when you find the origin of that parasite, where this dark curse cult culture actually stems, its the USA. It has been run by these cults for the longest of times. But the very direct sense that I get is that these corporations actually have malicious intent toward our people. So we are really in a scenario where the curse cults are already in our nations preying on our life force. Preying on our energy, preying on our wealth. I see them stalking me daily.

So you write a post about google and then days later a Google car armed to the teeth with tracking gear comes down your street. Strange dots start to connect and its only their actions that make them do so. How could any Australian not be worried about these google street cars now when we know that they could even be part of infrastructure that could be used to execute further gun point sex assaults of Australian Children. So as soon as we connect corporations to curse culture and cult activity we have to start calling them out. We have to start winding them down.

In the long run there will be no being with malicious intent toward us living in our nations.

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