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An Important Message About Thai Cats.

This is just a short message about Australia and Cats.

Despite any rumours you may have heard. Im actually not really much of a Cat person.

When mum was young in Australia she had a Cat called Black Betty which they at some point got de-sexed.

Our family in the home we grew up in. Was always anti cat….as in….Anti Cat for Australia.

I don’t want to come off all like Mike Baird, and be some type of dentist trying to ban a grey hound race.

But the point is for Thai People. Is that when you KNOW something. And you do something Well. Its always better.

The point Im trying to make about Thai Cats and Australia is that they are not a good environmental match. We don’t like them in bush areas Because they will eat all the delicate native animals. They are great for a rice field in Issan, Maybe even in England. But not everywhere in Australia.

Im not going to write out a bunch of regulation here. I would suggest that local councils already work in this area in Australia.

So for Thais, if you are in the Cat business of some description. When Australian’s actually know the truth, that the Thai People are partly responsible As people for achieving the domestication of the Cat. Well they are going to be much more excited about visiting Thailand.

And maybe if you are just in-tune to the environmental concerns in Australia, Im sure that the Thai people will find graceful ways to still profit from their ancient crafts in Australia, even if it dosent means shipping actual Cats.

When I go to the supermarket Im always stoked when I buy a pasta sauce from Italy, because I just feel like i’m creating a virtuous cycle thats supports our people.

There is plenty of opportunity for Australians to indulge in the beauty and even the story of the Siamese Cat without damaging our own landscape.

Its funny when I made this image “A Thai Cat Dream” – My Mind Had Just been Blown About Thailand YET AGAIN….After living there for years.

Because I Just figured out the word Siamese was related to the ancient Siamese Kingdom. Siam.

I Might have known earlier if Richard Branson was sharper with his pronunciation proofing when his boy put his album draft across his desk circa 93.

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