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Authorising Tighter Security Lock Downs in Germany.

This is a short authorisation post just confirming that I authorise tighter security lock downs in Germany. In particular in government buildings, military facilities, industrial and technology corporations. Any being attempting to destroy, hide or delete records of what has transpired in the lands of Afghanistan can be submitted to their knees and executed with a single round to the skull.

All historical records from the German command during their time in Afghanistan will be part of open records on the nations military histories. As will any other nation who participated.

You will notice for the grace of holiness many of my execution orders abstain from the use of steel and rely on hands and feet? Not sure if I will be awarded the order of the garter for that one.

But if you are going to be in the act of destroying records of conduct from war. We will be able to spare a couple of gram of copper to correct your unholy boncely bits.

All commands on the ground, all use of air power, all troop transfers, activity of any nature needs to be part of the public record for analysis of the aftermath.

A truth is that there is so much public information that I can already glean a lot. I don’t want to bury my head in war stuff too deeply but just by scanning photos etc I have derived a lot of understanding of what has transpired there.

This command is being given because I believe a lot of military / war style technologies that have been used in places like Afghanistan are being used against christian civilian populations in our nations. Open public scrutiny of German Conduct in foreign wars will bare fruit in our lands on understanding suppressive forces engaged in acts of iniquity here.

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