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Black Coat, Black Gloves, Black Watch – Identifying the Saturnian Death Cult operating within our Societal Institutions.

Brotherhood Saturn
Brotherhood Saturn

I spend a lot of time decoding movies. My relationship with films is funny because it is a medium I have no particular interest in participating in.

Never wanted to act. Never had a desire to produce film. Not about to write a screen play. But I just love decoding.

One of the common topics I am dealing with in my decodes revolves around what you might call the brotherhood of Saturn.

Yes, A saturnic cult operating all around the earth. Here is a sample of some of the films that reference them:

Im sure the list goes on and on. 

You can understand saturnic forces on earth as astrological. You can also understand them as a distinct bloodline. 

So what are the reported agendas of such a cult? What kind of activity are they involved in? Once you understand this you can spot some of the actors involved in the cult and you can spot events they are involved in.

  • Promoting Homosexuality
  • The Transgenda Agenda
  • Medical Fraud and falsification
  • Deception in politics
  • Administiring Admiralty law
  • Involvement in police forces
  • Cannabis Prohibition (Taking Natural medicine from sick people)

So when you turn on your radio and you hear that man dressed as a woman singing a song about being a woman. That’s their work at work against your mind. Against your humanity.

One of our own direct encounters with these characters was when we called out one of the actors in a government medical trial who was being initiated in the dead of night in some type of masonic ritual. This man was claiming to be a victim of chemo under-dosing. A contradiction in terms and when you looked at the deep occult symbolism you sensed that the purpose of the operation was to  deceive the sick, consume medical resources bolster the pockets of corporates – a sum total effect of murder. 
Beyond that experience it is not uncommon to see this force operating in different institutions throughout our society. This occult brotherhood are deeply entrenched within our Police force. The Australian banking royal commission – Saturnian Black Coats all over the proceedings.

People have the right to practice esotericism and have spiritual beliefes. However what we have observed of the individuals involved in the brotherhood of Saturn in Australia is that they are partaking in murder.
What ever position you are in society have no mercy towards the men who occupy these occult organisations. Feel free to cast them out of your organisations, feel free to destroy their positions in your incorporations. 

These monkeys would have you believe that God is Saturn. These Monkeys would have you worshiping Saturn itself. These Monkeys would have you looking for no higher light. But we know better.

Upon earth are cults that worship Saturn, cults that practice corruption, cults that literally celebrate going against gods word. And if they can get other beings to do so, to conduct themselves as abominations just once their goals are accomplished. Just being able to see these groups in action in our Governments, in our Media and the commercial arena makes a man want to be upright.

But what these cults practice goes directly against the word of the bible as we can read below:

Revelation 3:8 – I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.

King James – 1611

So men involved in using court systems, enforcing false names, administering fines – essentially any practice designed to steal your wealth, suppress your consciousness or delay you from practicing truth and goodness is going against the word of the bible. In my experience in Australia these forces are organised, well coordinated and very active in doing just this.

Our leaders must embody the organic life force gifted to us by god and the exuberance for goodness requested from us by the bible. 

If you have the Saturn cult monkeys anywhere in your life we would advise you to do the following:

  • If they are your bankers, switch banks.
  • If they are your husbands. Don’t fuck them.
  • If they are your Neighbours, don’t love them.
  • If they are your judges, don’t attend their court.
  • If you spot one of them at the supermarket, bump into them aggressively with your trolly.

The saturnian dark cults are powerful and broadly distributed throughout our society. Some even say that all organised masonic lodges fall under the banner of the brotherhood of Saturn.

Becoming a part of cults that practice occult deception or suppression can only be described as taking a bite from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And those who have done so have been suitably forewarned about the consequences of doing so. It is not your business to delay progress or goodness manifesting on earth for these people. Let them face the consequences of their choices as all of humanity call them out and expel them from our societal institutions. And lets get on with building a society above the level of these saturnian cults based on goodness and honesty and exuberance for the principals set out in the bible. It is time to Say Goodbye to the Brotherhood of Saturn. Because we’re past Saturn now.

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