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Coordinated In Public Consciousness Suppression. Some Case Examples to Gain Understanding.

I will just outline a few examples of consciousness suppression. So that you can understand how it is coordinated in society.

War – A year or somewhat ago I sent an email campaign with an image of Walt Disney reading a copy of his monthly ‘Templar Trannies’ mag. In that image there was a line about the Vietnam war, essentially hinting that the narrative is nothing as we are told. Anyways as soon as that went out I went out in town and as we parked the car somewhere. Pulled up right beside us was a vietnam vet in an orange cap. This stuff happens almost real time. They manipulate your environment based on anything you are saying. So the vietnam vet is basically the cults informing me ‘Hey, we are still feeding off these deceptions and they are not going to go away.’ – What ever the Vietnam war was is complex. For us and the Vietnamese people, the only way we will get past that event is communicating honestly about who was involved and what it was about. Not participating in pointless war worship and military ceremony events. Not propping up and old corrupt regimes low actions.

Jaws – Well when you find out the shark attacks are fake and those who participate in them are just initiated into the low blood jew pig cults, you will be stalked by dudes in Jaws shirts. They are just telling you. We do this. We are not going to stop. We fill your realm with falsity, we are a little head sick. Not going to stop.

Space Stuff – Yep they let you know space is here to stay.  They are going to brain fuck another gen. A few weeks back there were dudes with Big Space Shirts and the Black and white up arrows on their clothing. There are different ways you can read this stuff but when you see people doing that I just say these people are basing their Actions on following instruction from the ones who have bought them. Compliant beings. What can I say? My clock don’t have no hands no more. It only has two words on it. Hard purge. All I have to do now is squeeze my bowels and watch the poop squeeze out the other side. What interests are you serving? I hope they are the right ones. Oh and check Kubrick’s EWS and see the Mink Coat that the hooker wears. That’s the pattern. Promotion of the false world. You are not meant to be fucking with that hooker.

Sparing you more examples – the point is this. That every day you walk to the store, every day you go to work. Every day you go for a drive, the environments you are in are constructed. We live in environments that are created with the human mind. The more with in yourself you strive to be holy, the nicer the environments become. THEY WISH FOR OUR MINDS TO BE DECEIVED. THEY WISH FOR LOWNESS IN OUR EVERY DAY LIVES. THEY INVEST GREAT RESOURCE TO ACCOMPLISH THIS. If you have given yourself over to cults who seek to lower the tone across all of our lands – we are coming for you. Your hardships are just about to begin. We expect nothing less than decent conduct on the minds of all people on our lands. Check yourself and make sure you are doing the right thing in the room upstairs. Over the long term. Getting things right upstairs. Is the only way to survive on this earth. Get it wrong and chances are you’ll wind up like Walt and catch a dose of that Cobalt Therapy.



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