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Defending Life Begins With The Sight of Your Eyes and the Content of your Mind.

A week or so ago I chucked a wobbly because Tesla Automobiles were stalking me. It is obviously just US intel operating in Australia. Which you would have to ask yourself why they are operating that way in our lands.

But one interesting thing I wanted to share was.

That little factoid, the meaning of the word Tesla:
– It is not something that Found on the internet
– It is not something that someone taught me
– It is not something that I learned from studying Hebrew.

It is something that I discovered when making this image. I do a lot of mirror stuff with my images, and one day boom. I flipped the Tesla Logo and that is what I saw.

So it is interesting that we should always be defending ourself and making sure where you work or travel is safe. Just having the right information on your mind can be for your safety.

Knowing who the real CEOs of companies are. Given that Teslas CEO is clearly a Tranny it means the company is run by a bunch of establishment Mason Crooks that are also probably neck deep in foreign wars.

And knowing what the brand means meant that I could see the game they were playing around me.

Knowing what is holy. and Unholy helps. We should all be looking for these things. If there are things happening around you that are not of God, well they should at the least be harmless. Your self defence begins with your sight and your mind. If you can see it and know it and it is in your presence not for your wellbeing. Then speak up. All Australians should feel comfortable in doing so and with the internet if there are corporations in Australia behaving badly or for interests that are not our own. Attention should be paid and corrections made.

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