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England’s Masonic Lodges and Crimes against Humanity on Earth

Grand Lodge England
Grand Lodge England

As a media organisation we are increasingly taking records of corporations and entities that have participated in Crimes against humanity.

Englands established masonic lodge system is at the core of the crimes against humanity and the debasement of humanity that has been practiced in the freemasonic system over the past 200 years.

Humanity should seek that all established lodges be disestablished and England’s grand lodge be held accountable for the crimes against humanity it has been a part of.

All assets held by England’s established bricks and mortar masonic system should be liquidated.

The people should embark on documenting for the record of history the crimes against the people that have come from within England’s Masonic system.

The last men standing in England’s Masonic Lodge system should be tried for intergenerational crimes against humanity and Genocide in the lands of Australia and other lands where their agents have operated.

In the lands of Australia and in other countries payments of dues to masonic bodies should be used as records of participation in crimes against humanity and genocide.

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