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Evidence Shows Apollo Moon Missions were part of Jew Cult Sacrifice.

Jew Cult Sacrifice
Jew Cult Sacrifice

The more you study history and the more you study the use of Symbolism around history the more you understand what has transpired.

I’m not really interested in Space or Space travel. Most of it is junk science used to conceal a bunch of useless corrupted deceivers.

But I went through a phase of studying Kubrick’s shining in which he makes many references to the Apollo missions.

One of the distinct things that you can extract from this movie is the dates of the contract Kubrick signed to maintain secrecy around his production of the landing.

But you can also extract darker occult detail from this film. Such as the point where Kubrick realised that he was in the middle of a ritual working that involved an actual human sacrifice. Kubrick was part of the latter moon missions but the sacrifice seems to have been part of the first Apollo Missions.

Even though this narrative seems dark and bizarre and nothing like what we are told of Nasa and the moon missions, the dark occult narrative makes complete sense when you think about it.

Apollo is after all the god of sun and truth. Why would Apollo be going to the moon. Because people were practising ass backward occult magic and Kubrick found himself in the middle of it.

Given the complexity and mystical side of Masonry it is not unreasonable to think that these events are sometimes carried out as acts. But also with a basic understanding of the universe and the power of blood in multiplying the effect of workings, it is not unreasonable to see the event as a real sacrifice. But lets not misuse our words. Sacrifice being the mystical / spiritual term. Murder being the realistic one.

I love Kubrick’s work and have studied it for years. But we are bigger than Kubrick. Kubrick played ball with evil for a long time and suffered for it. We have had less patience for evil and happily Dispose of it when it presents itself to us. Our Apollo mission is not heading to the moon nor is it heading into space.

Most sensible humans with any level of acumen – even 14 year old you tubers know these truths. The more that we process them and get them out there the harder it will be for the forces that practice occult consciousness suppression to succeed.

The Apollo moon missions are not what we are told and are the works of people involved in murder, evil and ultimately the suppression of humanity as a whole. People who perpetuate these workings, take revenue from them or seek to re-establish the same occult paradigm should not be rewarded in our society. Knowing that these missions were ultimately unholy murders is all that you need to know to assess the credibility of media institutions that perpetuate them.

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