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I am not Stanley Kubrick.


I know you are thinking gee Stu….We never suggested or thought that you were. And you are thinking I have a delusional view of the quality of my works.

But that is not what I am trying to say. Im trying to Say Im not the same Man. Im not a film maker. Don’t aspire to be. What i’m really trying to say is if you do the same shit to me that you did to him. You are going to get radically different responses. You are going to get radically different outcomes. I know for a fact that I have made it further in this realm than kubrick. Some days I think to myself Kubrick was a Jerk. He did take a big pay cheque to do something not very good.

I’ve thought long and hard about it. And my personal view is that if a force assembles against us ever. We should have no regard for their women and children. So if my Town was raided. Id have the heads of the women and children of our enemies in a Bag. That seems fairly logical to me. If I was attacking me I would expect the same. Being Kind to the Women and Children of those who ultimately seek our death would be folly in my view.

You people are thinking Al Pachino right? You are thinking Scar Face. Al Pachino flys to Jerusalem to Blow Jew Dicks for Brunch. Also Different.
We should NOT have any mercy for the women or children of men who assemble against us.

The Angel of death does my service you fuckin filthy fuckin low born fuckin good for nothing mother fuckers. And I’ve given a few small drops of my holy holy holy fuckin blood so that it comes forth to feast on the wicked in a reasonable and just order.

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