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Is It Possible to See Spirit?

Yes. I believe that it is. In fact I believe that it is a level of consciousness development that comes as we come of age as humans.

How can we see spirit? How can we work with it? Well it has a number of things to do with the devices of the brain. Obviously the Pineal Gland. I believe also the advanced and optimal functioning of the neo cortex has something to do with our being able to see spirit. This is critical life journey understanding because I believe that what the higher ups know is that the advanced development of the brain and consciousness includes is a cross over point. Where if we fully develop we are actually looking into a different world. We are looking into the world of living spirit. In the bible there are different references to casting the mind to the right side that is often associated with divinity in our culture. It would almost seem if men were to take on certain beliefs or pursuits you would cultivate that part of the mind more.

Anyways, If you have embarked on any decoding in your life you will understand there is a lot more to movies that just pictures. They hide a lot in these things. You have to get to a point in your life where you are looking at things in terms of spirit. Figuring out how to command it, influence it and send it in the right direction.

If you take this example maybe you will find my musings to be true. Think about it this way. One of my favourite films is the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. So what boggles my mind so often, is why after they shot that film did they walk on Red Carpet. It seems like some of the deeper spiritual exploration of our generation. Red Carpet is indicative of treading on the christian spirit. So why would people involved in deep spirit works walk on red carpet. I mean aside from the bible itself these works are important to me. Why would people doing ‘good work’ be subject to esoteric occult punishment.

Sometimes it is easy to understand. You shoot a film with a Jewish Director, Mel Gibson + Orange Cat England justifying and glorifying US participation in war. —->>> RED CARPET. Easy. But I don’t understand where the red carpet always comes in. And what this makes me conclude is.

Spirit Looks Like Something.
Spirit Feels Like Something.
We are meant to use it a certain way.
We are meant to get good at it.
We are meant to be able to see it.

So don’t take spirit as an esoteric concept or simple word. It’s a tangible thing. When you take decoding seriously you find deep things. This story is a bit morbid and I feel bad sharing it openly on a post that is ultimately quite positive. But I decoded a death notice of a celebrity that through numerology and esoteric decoding basically said ‘he didn’t make it to the light.’

So we tend to take words like light & spirit as gentle words. But really they are serious words. We need to think about them, how we use them in our lives and the impacts that our use has on other peoples lives.

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