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It Gets Really Sick – Foreign Policy Author Details latest cult stalking activity.

So a few posts ago I mentioned that the Virgin Group sent woman out on a stalking mission at a local shopping centre. Well after I published that story this is what happened. My latest stalking incident – to be honest I didn’t know it was stalking until after. But I was at the shops and this lady wearing all black and white kept ending up in front of me. No matter which way I went she would end up in front of me. Anyways she was pushing a pram with a baby. I again didn’t really notice or didn’t pay so much attention I was shopping. Anyways after the event I realised pretty quick that that shopper was placed for that job. What they were doing is telling me that they don’t care about women….or children. What they were telling me is that they will use women or children to achieve their ends. They don’t care. Who was behind that? Black and white gang. You spot em. They are everywhere. Like the trannies.

But anyways it is really interesting to have done this masonic study and to at least come to a finding of what is happening. Before these knowings….I would have just said something is super wrong and fucked up in Australia. Many people know it. But then you get the answer. There are jew cults with malicious intent toward us – toward all. Their goal. Simple. Fuck you in the brains and take your life. Thats how they play. And they don’t care. Women or children. Just another pawn on their chess board.

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