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On The Benefit of using your own Intuition. Another Freaky Cosmic Collision.

I told you the story about Pizza Gate.

My intuition just kind of said, ‘man don’t get on the internet and start calling people you don’t know Paedophiles’.

Well I have all these freaky coincidence stories with the bible also which I will get to later.

But This Crazy Coincidence. That Movie I was telling you about. Indigenous Painting Chinese Junks. That film with the Crafty American C$%#aracter in it. Mason Space Man. Earthquakes in Nepal????? WTF Are these people talking about. Well that film has messaging about GPS tech in it. I’ve only done the first scan on that film, but yes very obvious GPS tech issues raised.

Anyways I just published something a week or two / three ago about GPS tech. I hadn’t seen the film. Im just using my grey matter to sense what is happening around me. Ill do a post soon about some of the advanced consciousness faculties that come from spiritual awakening. But this scenario it is just about ummmm like I said in another post. Home Ground Advantage. There were not so many stalkers with us as kids. Thats how we want it for everyone. Nice folks. Nice place. Christian Vibes. We’ll get there soon enough.

So the GPS Tech is Used in Cars and Air Craft. Helicopters and Drones if We allow it. It can be used for disruption, delaying, messaging, targeting, harassing. This list goes on. I have detected cars involved in sublime precision targeting just to deliver occult messages. Can’t allow that to happen unfortunately and I Have already published guidance on that. I may expand through decrees soon.

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