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Saudi Muslims in Loss of Liberties in the United Kingdom.

Saudi Bin Arabs
Saudi Bin Arabs

All Saudi Muslims Operating in the United Kingdom are currently Bound By Blood Purge Orders.

These are the same Blood Purge Terms that Apply to Jewish Men, Women and Children currently residing in our Lands.

Under the Purge Terms All Saudi Muslims residing in our lands now exist under:

Men can be taken from their homes, hotels or dwellings at any time of day. Placed in an interrogation room.

Saudi Muslim Men who are associated with any media or broadcasting entities can be removed from their homes.
Interrogated, have assets seized or potentially be deported.

The traditional method of execution in our lands is that men will be taken from their dwelling. Placed in a Cell.

Delivered Violent Blows to the skull. And then throat cut.

These purge orders are connected to information we have received that Saudi Muslim men are associated with Gun Point assaults of Young Australians by Policing Forces.

If Saudi Muslim Men are found to be involved in decision making activities that harm the lives of Christians in our Lands.

These are the measures that will be taken in your punishment.

It is not our Concern if Corpses Pile High in nations who’s people are found to be placing hands on beings in our Lands with force. We will achieve that ends by simply turning our backs to you.

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