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Some Word Decodes To Understand The False Light Masonry Coming From News Media

Just Run An Occult Decode On These Words Using The Key Alphabet Meanings We Have Taught Historically


Ukraine Is Probably The Most Important Word, Sea Is Also A Common One.

We Are Not Interested In These False Light Paradigms. They Are Mostly Used To Abuse And Misinterpret Both The Degree Of Our Awakening And Our Own Capability To Write To The Light Plane.

We Are Not Interested In Fake War. It’s All Jew Pig Hex. Them Feeding Their Filthy Daughters On Our Blood. We Are Interested In Working In A Garden. Which Is Precisely What I Spend My Days Doing. We Want To See Intelligent, Nurturing, Teaching Spirit Coming From Our Spirit Junctions. Not A Judeo Amero Jew Pig Brain Rape.

Anyway Instead Of Taking Those Words Literally When You See News Stories, You Will Find The Decode Read Is The Intended Meaning.

I’ve Touched On This Before. I Seldom Sit Down And Say ‘I’m Going To Practice Magic‘ But When You Enter Gods Realm Its Magical. Decode Magic. Beautiful Read.

You Only Get To Experience The Magic If God Feels Like You Are Playing The Right Way.

All Of These Magical Paradigms, Space, Sea. We Are Well Beyond Them And We Will Create Our Own Magical Paradigms. If You Follow Media, There Are Good People, Good Masons. Already In The Garden. Seperate From War. Practicing Deep Occult Paradigms That Are Nurturing. They Have A Future. This Russian Jew Brain Rape War Shit. Those People Have Violent Literal Physical Deaths Awaiting Them.

I’m Going To Try And Use Paradigm Shifts And Event Effect Confirmations On Decoded Light More, So We Can Communicate With People When The Creator Has Acknowledged And Acted On Our Spiritual Commits.

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