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Studying 4 Kings, What Can you Learn?

These are 4 Kings who’s lives I have studied to some extent. Probably will go a bit deeper on some in the future, but what can you learn from doing so? Firstly If you study Kings or other high figures it may push you higher than just settling for a label in life like ‘Lawyer’. So here we go – 4 Kings

James Charles Stuart – So James was the King of Scotland, England and also France I believe. I like him. He seemed like a Smart Guy. If you look at England now, the level of Acumen of Men. If all English men reached the level of Wisdom of James, It would be a better place. So if you claim to be a Mason or wonder what a James Mason is, its basically someone that believes in the Reign of James Charles Stuart. I wouldn’t hang your life on that belief alone, but of all the Kings he probably did a lot better for England than many. He gets black marks for killing some witches. But from my view, if they were doing evil workings on his erections so be it. Sometimes a man needs to lay down some body bags if he is going to keep that blood flowing.

Constantine. This is just one story I don’t buy. I put that out to the universe and it really confirmed it for me. It seems more like a state sponsored story if you catch my drift. Its like the teach you in ‘Being there’, the Roman Catholic Church They literally used Teresa to give them the appearance of Goodness. Well they made this Guy king on the back of a war story. The Chiroh in the Sky just screamed bullshit to me. So I called it and I think I was right. Take this to heart or a point you can learn from this post. Keanu Reeves. Saturn Cult Tranny. So Constantine is a BS Story that really has little to do with the true history of our people. So these film stars get caught up in BS stories consuming their energy and yours. A Good way to live a better life is reject BS Stories.

Alexander The Great So I studied this guys life for about 5 minutes to establish he did’t succeed in biblical terms. But more importantly. Would you have a beer with him? Yes. Big nuts. My kind of Dude. I like his style. Pretty exceptional he is still spoken of by people in foreign lands today. This guy became king through the practice of the oriental mysteries. Very smart man. He was a syncretic king. I’d love to know what his deep objectives were. All in all an amazing story and still one Im studying. Think he went too far east. But I will still try and catch him for a beer on my way north.

Emperor Justinian Seems like a moderate & smart guy. There is something I am going to teach you guys in a post soon. About the importance of learning how to use the mind. First we need to get our mind above the firmament. Then we need to gain the wisdom of the power of the mind and how to use it. When you look back on mens work it is easy to see who they were serving. God or Evil. I still have a lot to learn about Justinian. But I know that he served our people the right way and for every one of our people that stands up and invests their energy to bring forward positive futures for our people we should be grateful.

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