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Understanding the Core Purposes and Intents of the Suppressive Jewish Magic practiced in our Nations.

I am aiming to keep this post super short. Because once you get it there is not much to explain. I really just want people to read in point form what the suppressive forces are and have been for a long time trying to achieve in our nations.

The most important thing you have to understand about the Magic that is Practiced is that it is about deception and deprivation. It is primarily practiced with light and sound but they are trying to apply it more in our physical realm.

The way that they are so successful in practicing is that they essentially group people by forces like Money, Sex Appeal (Vanity) etc and they get them working off those lower motivators. So if you are trying to build a farm for example and then you throw in a few ethical measures. You are get you Bank going funny all of a sudden. You are going to get your suppliers going funny. It can be anyone but the formally organised Masonic Forces are very well resourced, structured and coordinated. So you go against their intention hardship will ensue.

So these are some of the core goals.
To Deprive Us of Resource – I won’t use the word money but thats how it will Manifest most of the time. You don’t always need money to achieve your goals. But in the modern world it can help. They will work double time to ensure you have none.
To Exploit Our Time
To Deceive our Mind
To Have Us Do the Inverse of The Bibles Word and Prophecy
To Exploit and Misuse our Physical Energy
– To Ensure your Projects and Creations DO NOT Succeed

I think I will leave it at that for the Core Goals. That captures the essence of what you will feel when living in our nations. Now you think if I went door to door in Australia and proposed to people that there were forces in Australia doing these things to us I would be turned away from all homes? No I don’t think so. I think a Couple of Characters would invite me in for a cup of Chai & a Chit Chat.

So in Summary when you study the masonic biblical symbolism in most works if you have invested in wisdom yourself. You can see if peoples works are intended to bring light and open gates or suppress light. In the totality of the masonic choices that have been made some have chosen to Curse God. Through this choice they not only curse his word, they curse his prophecy. Which Is prophecy that was made for our future. Our Children. Our happiness.

I suspect the Majority of sincere business people in Australia will have felt these forces. They may not know where they come from. But the peoples who have sought to influence Australia are far less Naive than the Average Australian. They are Cunning & Conniving. You have to get to a point where you see the purpose intent and direction of all workings. Know what to touch. What not to. Know how to fight these suppressive forces by each type, time, money, Energy.

And I’ll finish with the Kicker. When they play these games with you play them back 100 fold. So for example a year or so ago an energy company robbed me of $100. I think my works have probably cost them billions in total revenues to date. Don’t feel any regret in squeezing billion dollar corporations that are hustling the people. If they rape a day of your energy. Open up a hornets nest on their day that costs them months.

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