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Understanding the Historic Masonic Lodge System and how it was used in Consciousness Control.

I have told you guys I have never formally initiated into Masonry. I’m a DIY kind of guy.

Well because I’m so deeply invested in Masonic study independently I can ascertain a lot of what these lodges were about.

So what you will find with the organised lodge systems in Nations like Australia & England, is that it was run by a few select people.

  • Jews
  • Templars (Order of Malta)
  • Rothschilds. Which realistically were more of a construct than a family.

So going and initiating, you are walking into old power structures who we are actually taught through regular distribution films are corrupt and have already failed. On my behalf, saying no to men about masonry was wise.

So how did they work. Well they probably gave men travel benefit. For me I think wouldn’t be cool to travel the world and always have a place where there were good people to go? Its a nice concept. But more can probably be gained by not indulging. The other truth is that we now have technologies that can probably trump the lodge system. Let me explain how.

Lodges were a system used to control mens initiation into spirit. But I would suggest they were suppressive. Not progressive.
I mean, one way you can see the bible is not as a tool to curtail your sin. Think of it this way. You can just try to be a good person. And then those days you pick up your bible. You will probably find what it does is confirms who and what you are through its word. What im saying is you can assume that from birth many men are of good spirit and intention. Id say that is true of a lot of men. So bamboozling mens brains. Humiliation. Stupidity. Much of which comes out of masonic lodges and men grouped into association. Can be suppressive and delaying of spirit. There are many nuances in the bible that might render assembling with men in social lodges as a bad idea.

So Masonic lodges were most likely used as grid style noetic management of earths consciousness and spirit. Thats why they are so heavily distributed through our towns. But with the internet, we can really circumvent any curtailment of our spirit. We can really communicate with each other without the need for secrecy and probably manage spirit in a better way. Cut through a lot of the nonsense that the ashkenazi and templar custodians of the lodge system permitted on our lands and profited from. We can really smash all their bullshit and control just with simple internet technologies and allow future generations to live lives that start with Gods word. Not tutelage through treachery. We need to smash this control because these lodge systems along side other curse systems that exist on our lands can act as systems of occult energy parasitism on our people.

So that is the main thing I wanted to convey. Lodges were for the curtailment and management of spirit. They didn’t work. What so called masons do, failed. If you want to know the real answer as to one of the greatest mysteries of masonry, what the freemasonic order is really in existence for. It’s simple. To do what I fuckin tell them to. That is what they are here for.

The point I wanted to make with the post is that the masonic lodge systems were in place as a form of grid-like noetic spirit control. Spirit is such that men who are closer to god and knowing of the workings of the universe can play a greater role in influencing it. With modern tech we don’t really need lodges. I have encouraged people to initiate themselves into spirit through studying the bible and masonic symbolism independently. Maybe through this approach and modern tech we can build a much brighter future through our command of spirit alone and compensate for the failings of the men who relied on the Masonic Lodge System.

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