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Where my head was when you had your dick in the sand of foreign lands.

Sometimes a little head triangulation time check is helpful by way of providing evidence as to where I was and where you were at various times.

This is where my head was many years ago now. Many many years ago. While you were in Iraq and Afghanistan. And some crack pot cartoonist wish to tell you that while I lived in Thailand I was in the room downstairs. Nah. I was upstairs. You were Babylon Bound with armaments and black earphones.

Im not trying to big up my Music prod skills by any means, Im embarrassed publishing this. But what I try to teach people is life is about reaching a destination in spirit, not a grand total in wealth. I have done pretty well in choosing those directions.

This is principally for the men with Microphones and surveillance tech in my home. As an additional way to inform all people who

– Have influenced films from communications taken from within my private dwellings.
– Published news articles from communications with in my private dwellings.
– Used these communications to negatively influence my enterprises, works or reputation.

You are currently bound by blood punishment orders for acts of treason against the traditional leaders of these lands.

All such comms will be decoded and those responsible will be required to pay restitution and atone for their conduct. The same applies to all others engaged in peaceful, artistic creative works directed towards goodness and have bugs in private dwellings. You will be entitled to compensation for any such conduct.

All those men photographed bearing arms in foreign lands you will notice wear dark comms pieces. Men who think their salvation is through such conduct or tech are mistaken. If such men wish to know where they stand, they stand in the press. Their blood belongs to me. All capable beings are entitled to purge their blood into the earth. You are still wearing your blacks comms pieces cock suckers. Real bad timing I can assure you.

There needs to be public atonement for such conduct and there needs to be forward leaning compensations.

Beings who work from home ultimately put the vast majority of their works into the public realm. All beings can be communed with in the light. Public works is where scrutiny begins. Private is for creating, learning, venting so forth.

I think this should be clear for most people.

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