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Why I don’t study ‘Hebrew’ any More.

When I study Hebrew Characters, I don’t feel like i’m embarking on the study of Hebrew any more.


Two Things.

The Characters between a bunch of languages like
– Phoenician
– Latin
– Greek
– Hebrew
– Even English

All Cross Over. There are lots of identical / similar / influenced characters in all of these languages.

So I think of it now as studying the Old languages. The Old words. You will find that the most influential people on earth communicate using occultism and these old characters.

Kubrick used characters that you can best research through “Ancient Pictographic Hebrew.” I found it hard to distinguish and understand the differences between.
– Aramaic
– Biblical Hebrew
– And Ancient Pictographic Hebrew

But Getting to the script that Kubrick used, “Ancient Pictographic Hebrew” Gets Me There.

Then There is Aramaic. Modern Hebrew. There are a bunch of similar different scripts.

And it gets really bizarre, so you find out that the Persians (We call them Iranians) actually wrote in Hebrew. And you even find out that people in the mountains, like the Pakistani horsemen up in the Himalayas, some are of Greek Descent but some are also Iranian. And They probably communicate at times using Hebrew script.

So I just say the Old Languages, The Old Characters or The Ancient Languages. And thats kind of my intent in studying them. Being able to communicate with the wisest using the old wisdom that has maintained humanity for the longest of times.

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