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Why I Practice Kickboxing and Some Spiritual Advice for Escaping the Cube for Anyone who Cares.

Im going to mix a hard topic with a little casual chin wagging in this post. So I trained a little Muay Thai in Thailand. Those US Army Muay Thai Guys. Plus Ajarn Chakrit. And a few other characters. Very Enjoyable Exercise. Since Ive been in lock down. A Lot Longer than you guys…counting 2 Years. When those Karl Juice Wine Characters Out Of America hit me with the Gas attack. I couldn’t do my main exercise. Long Walks. When I lived in Chiang Mai I used to walk and walk and walk for hours and come home dripping sweat. So when jews play these fuck boy games with you. They Joke in their cartoons that they are trying to make you think someone is trying to kill you. But they do really intend to kill though a million small cuts of lowness. If lowness is not something you fight, then you drag everyone down. Those who have embraced lowness are in a spot now. But Still I will show the Grace to teach everyone whats happening right now.

If you feel like you have been put in a box or I am trying to Box people up Im not. I have an obligation to fight for our people. If you see violence in my work, that only comes when the violence and ignorance and lowness is brought to me. Ya’ll been bringin a lot. The Truth Is. Every Day I pray that as many people as possible join us on this Journey. I don’t care about your race or religion. I care about your spirit. Thats My Obligation. Remember. I’m not no single solitary minister working toward a missionary moment. This is a Gang Bang at the cunt tree. A Gathering. At the holiest of holies.

First a little about Kick Boxing. Then Closing with some words of Advice.
When It comes to me and sport Ive never been much of a Lion. Never been my strong suit. But I did have the good fortune to practice rock climbing for a while. By the point I had been doing it for years, I went and spent time first bouldering on the walls near the beach in Tonsai. This was after practicing on a wall in Chiang Mai for 6 months. During that time in Tonsai my body began to feel and intuitively learn what climbing was about. I remember feeling – You are not meant to hold on to the rocks. It is not about brute strength. You are actually meant to learn to use your hands and feet to hang on the rocks. If you use your muscle you fade quickly. You are meant to literally hang off your bone structure. Its a nice feeling when your body absorbs what something is really about, it never really leaves you.

Kick boxing is really just the exercise I have taken up to fill in for the exercise I cant get from doing long walks. I don’t advise men to actually even Spar in a ring. Bag training, pad training, all the cardio associated with kick boxing and boxing is awesome. You don’t want to be punching people, even with head pads on. Train up to be strong, and only ever throw those hands if life depends on it. People might be cynical about telling men to learn boxing, but one thing the devil does wish to do to men black, white and grey is weaken them. So a little physical exercise that reminds men about who we are and keeps them strong is not stoaking the fires of violent rebellion. If you take populations like African American or Indigenous Australia, well if we tell them that that is our intent for them – to see them as strong healthy men that can protect themselves. It is much better than them thinking we want to see them in a cell fashioning a bright orange onesie.

Thats all on Boxing now.

What about Kicking the Box in your life. If you are in London. If You are in Israel. You might feel like someone trying to pop a box on you. As if you haven’t boxed my Bonce a million times. But just know that what I have actually been taught myself is that there is always a way out of the box. Keep focused on wisdom. Keep focused on goodness. Don’t accept any words at surface value. The Truth is a good word to dabble with if you want to be in the business of kicking boxes. I think that is enough to give you the gist. Don’t give up. Keep burning that energy with those guiding principals in mind.

There was a Jewish Girl I worked with in America called I Think Kate Levine. Something like that. She was always kind of grumpy and miserable. And probably thinking Impure thoughts like Jewish people do. Working the day job but plotting some mysterious usury moonlighting in the back ground. Something like that I suspect. But every time she kind of saw that we could break the droll corporate reality that the higher ups present us with, when we could do things the way that we saw fit and we wanted, and those ways were good and fun and clever. She lit up.

Life is like that. There are lots of folks serving you up a dog turd. You don’t get out of the box unless you find the higher reality and fight for it.

Best of luck to y’all also as we journey through God’s Gates.

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