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Why I try to Teach Kangaroos Masonic Hand Signs While Working In Our Garden.

The True History of Australia is Grey. Great & Grey.

I Just Saw A Film That Claims Chinese Junks Are Painted On Aboriginal Rock Art. Could Be True. Could Be Chinese Jews on Their Propaganda Game.

But I am Keenly Aware That Many Races Visited These Lands Before Captain Crook.

Obviously Few Chose To Divide And Conquer. The Truth is the Indigenous have probably been capable of advanced Masonic Communication for a long long time.

There are far flung tales of Pharos on Egyptian Sun Boats. There is Dutch. There are Vedic Nation Names. Probably some Mexicans also.

And I am sure many others. But lets forget about claiming first dibs just for now. And Talk about the Kangaroos.

We get a lot in our garden. I try to communicate with them. As yet to no significant or satisfactory effect.

I try just the simple traditional wave. Nothing.

I Try Skippy Tongue. Blank Stares.

Can I get a little Fidelity? Nope. Wouldn’t seem like it.

Anyways lets just pretend that Pharaoh Made It First. What did you expect him to do when he landed? Establish A Coal Mine? They Knew Better. Through all of these hand signs and symbols we can make communications with people regardless of their latin lingo. Signs that can be meaning of peace. Commitment. Change. Care. A different time piece if you will.

I don’t think that the nation state with the greatest realestate or mining portfolio is going to win these lands in the long run.

I’m going to keep working on these roos. They are just like you lot. They need a bit of whipping into line. Firming up. Direction. Guidance. Communications Skills. Their position on these lands likewise does not come rent free. Not in my Presence.

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