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All BBC Reporters to be repatriated.

BBC Skull & Bones
BBC Skull & Bones

This is just a short post to say all BBC staff are to be repatriated to England.

Due to participation in historical spiritual crimes against the traditional peoples of the nations of Australia, England, Ireland and Wales all paid BBC staff are to return to England.

Non English citizens are advised to seek employment with alternate media firms. The BBC is forbidden from employing people outside of England.

Most of their focus going forward will be connected to exploration and coverage of trails and sentencing of historical crimes committed during their generations.

While we are subjecting the Jewish people to 1000 years of Atonement for their crimes on earth, the nation of England will go through a period I expect will be around 100 years where it will have to account for its spiritual crimes across earth.

If there is any violence of resistance to this repatriation. Do nasty violent things to them and then proceed with the repatriation. Our generation is not going to build our own light while they juggle their historical crimes.

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