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An Interesting Instagram Story.

Im going through as we speak and scaling back my instagram.

Its been probably a year + since I stopped posting. I decided “These people are attempting to censor me….they are getting nout of my energy”

But I still hit the insta from time to time…..just to view….kick it on the insta. Thats all insta has. Its really easy to build photo stuff these days, but insta have the audience.

Anyways, for a while I was actually putting a fair bit of my time energy into insta.

What happened our websites got hacked. Then my Following count start blowing up…as in the amount of people I was following. So they pump up their own audience numbers through fraud with the broad ecosystem that develop platforms like insta.

The habit developed on you tube, is that any time that something I subd to turned out to be a little lying Jew Monster. I’d un-sub.

Im scaling right back on Insta Activity Just like YT. And will Probably Pull Insta at some point because they are really trying to run it as a consciousness manipulation platform.

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