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As My Mind Re-Enters The Mountains – My Body is more than happy at sea level. Visiting Gyantse.

So I wanted to share a video of my journey through Asia. This from Tibet, A place I never expected to go through.

It occurred to me now why I went through Nepal and Tibet. As I left Asia going to London was really a Drag for me. I was like “Oh Jeeze….Id better drag my ass to London and see what thats about.” Reluctantly, because thats a place where Aussies go to get on the Piss. Not my bag really. So I was like ‘How can I put this off as long as possible. 3 Months in Nepal and then a tour through Tibet.


Anyways, Disregard the Bullshit about Strip Clubs. Its not really a fair representation of my time in Asia. When I lived in Bangkok I lived on a street full of Strip Clubs. Every person that visited me went to a strip club. Even Girl Friends. We never took Strippers out of those clubs on Soi Cowboy or Soi Nana which are ultra sleazy. I just wanted to show people the reality of where I was living. Your average finance dude participates in more sin in Bangkok over a weekend than I did in the 5 years I was there.

I wish someone would tell the story of the miles I did on foot in Asia, and the hundreds of Buddhist temple Sites I visited including Lumbini. Well that story will come back through a new venture soon. And Im just sharing this as a teaser. Our new project will be announced this week.

And Just one little extra thought. It just completely blew my mind recently. This journey for me through Nepal and Tibet as explained as a bit of a random afterthought. But it amazes me that as I went through there it wasn’t really on my mind that if I threw a rock really hard there was a war zone a few hundred miles away. It didn’t occur to me that those people in those mountains might have actually cared about it. I was really a head lazy traveller just wondering around ogling at the twin peaks.

But I really feel now that it is worth communicating to those mountains. The buddhist tradition can be condescended on by Masonic Christians. Maybe they think it is too simple. But in those mountains I believe there is a spiritual Authority whos respect we need to Earn.

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