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BBC To Face Decade of Decimation Due to links with US Mason Cult Skull & Bones.

BBC Skull & Bones
BBC Skull & Bones

We have been outlining a range of media companies responsible for occult crimes in Australia, the US and now England. The main public broadcaster in England BBC has run sub standard operations in the UK for decades. The depth, scope and level of honesty in their journalism has been far below par.

It is my belief that some of the former and present directors of the BBC will be trialed for coverage and acts that are now known as acts of murder.
Beyond acts of murder, much of the coverage that has been broadcast on the BBC will be known as fraud. Directors and Journalists that have been involved in fraud and have not later gone on to undo their acts of deception will likewise face trial.

Instead of seeking roles at the BBC, we encourage young journalists to mix up between working and developing your own independent platforms and working with alternative media and new media that doesn’t have the historic criminal record that the BBC has.

The US Skull and Bones Cult are known to us for their medical crimes against humanity and their involvement in grand etheric deceptions that have been designed to rob and bamboozle the traditional peoples of these lands. People who have known to be associated with the Skull and bones cult may
– Face Travel restrictions.
– Be called to participate in trials for the crimes they have been connected to.
– May have assets and records seized
– May be barred from practicing medicine or entering hospitals.

As they travel through or reside in nations such as
– England
– Italy, Germany, France, Greece.
– South American Nations.
– Australia & New Zealand.

As with all penalties and fines that are administered through our works they are to be placed in a healing fund that over time many people include myself will be involved in distributing to individuals who prove they are leaders in their areas of media and commerce and prove that they are independently capable of operating in areas such as media & Commerce with the right spirit and intent.

Individuals operating under the instruction of cults such as skull and bones who participate in staged events, rituals and fabricated news coverage in our nations will face penalty or imprisonment until these cults have ceased their operations in the west entirely. Government employees that have benefited from BBC’s crimes may be traced back to association with Journalists and also be subject to trial.

The BBC has not provided the leadership our humanity have needed and they have not conducted themselves in such a way that the interests of our people have been protected. In this decade those people who have worked for the BBC will face the consequences of their actions and the corporate body itself will face decimation. Those funds, that energy that has fed the BBC what ever its source will be re-channeled to people in our lands based on goodness first. This approach to restructuring will strengthen our peoples such that in the event that cults or other groups attempt to wield spiritual deceptions against us in the future our responses to protect ourselves will be broad, naturally coordinated and unstoppable.

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