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Dear ABC, Yes it is called Tyranny.


A few days ago I caught a segment on the ABC where the presenter arrogantly said that a Republic was not the right direction for Australia as a Republic is traditionally a direction countries take to fight tyranny.

Implying that Australia is not a Nation under the control of a Tyrannical Regime.

Over the past years we have seen:
– Natural medicine taken from children suffering seizures.
– We have seen corporations profiteering from massive etheric deceptions while sitting back and counting profits.
– We have seen a Prime Minister participate in simulated terror events.
– We have witnessed police tyranny and the resulting indigenous deaths in custody.
– Is there not a documentary upcoming on the ABC related to the ATO implying that there is ‘Evil’ Present in the system.

The Irony of the whole scenario on the ABC was that during the segment there was an astute young indigenous woman speaking. The ABC presenter was trying to suggest to the indigenous woman that the Queen of England was a sensible and respected leader, when our elders clearly know that the queen of England is little more than a wealthy London business mans gag.

How dare the ABC sit with people who are so sensitive about the nature of spirit that culturally they do not even like to see pictures of people who have passed away and then embark on a conversation about the leadership of our society and indoctrinate them with nonsense about so-called leaders who do not even exist.

Yes ABC, it is called Tyranny and you are partaking in it.

Although the purpose of this article is not to promote anything as specific as a Republic, the destruction of Tyranny is certainly required.

And it seems highly unlikely with the quality of conversation on the ABC or the level of decency of their presenters that Funding the ABC will be sufficient enough to achieve the destruction of Tyranny. There are people far bolder and wiser online doing a considerably better job.

What we have witnessed in Australia is surely the presence of an evil and violent tyranny and fortunately all those who have participated have left records of their acts.

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