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Early Production Announcement – AsiaBusiness.TV

Me doing all of this talk about spirit and so on and Im doing that to Preface the launch of a Business Channel??? You must think I’m being craftier than PB Shemran and Kelsey Grammar at an Origami Workshop.

When I tell you that my next project will bring peace between Australia and all of the nations of Asia – I’m concerned that you  might think i’m pissing in your pockets. I’m not. Maybe if I illustrate it this way. What I am doing now is taking that ten years of experience travelling in Asia and doing Media about Asia. And Channelling in to a media project that sits on trading activity with an estimated volume of over 40 trillion dollars a year.

When I stopped producing Thailand.TV I remember feeling a chasm in my life. They say that when Kubrick’s set on 2001 got taken down he sat there for hours looking Sad. It is like Something he created and had passion for was taken down in front of him and he was emotionally connected. For years my back drop was Thailand. I Still remember the place I lived in for 6 months in Ao Nang. It was like the angels intervened And found me an apartment in Ao Nang with internet pipes straight to the heavens. That internet connection I had in Ao Nang was better than the internet we have today in Australia.

AsiaBusiness.TV is going to put aside the travel-adventure focus of the work I did in Asia. And approach the region from a pure value perspective. I said previously with my work I am thinking less about what I want to produce and thinking more about what would be valuable to produce. Truth is I have heaps of projects I want to produce. This is something I need to produce for our future in this region. AsiaBusiness.TV will explore the commercial relationships that exist between Asia and the West increasing Transparency & Access. Our ultimate goal will be to secure peaceful relationships between our nations and all of the Nations of Asia.

When I was in Pokhra Nepal I Visited a meditation camp called ganden yiga chozen. I wasn’t super serious about meditation.

It was a nice experience though. I still remember it as being a fun time. At the end of the retreat the Monk that lead it said ‘What is everyone going to go and do now?’

I responded ‘Go back to my hotel and watch Bloomberg’

It was kind of like finishing a rehab session and telling the group you were going back home to shoot up.

The point of that story is that for a lot of years I saw myself as a business person. I don’t really feel like that any more.

It’s like people need to graduate beyond a consciousness that says ‘I need someone to Give me a Job’ to ‘I need to produce something that someone else values’.

But I think that ‘Business’ is a place where significant numbers of people will seek to develop their identity. It is a better place than looking for a job. So I am going to work in that space. Sure saying ‘Im a business man’ is not as compelling as a lot of other things. But it’s a really good place to work with people. Where they are starting to say, this is where I make my living they one day start to say ‘This is who I Am.’.

For the first year AsiaBusiness.TV will be mostly a hack project for me. I will take about a year to establish what It will become over time. If it becomes nothing more than a business blog it will be valuable for me, but as I begin production I think over time it will become much more.

The key focuses will be
– Business Journalism
– Video Submission
– Micro Services
– Increasing Transparency about Australia’s Relationship with All Nations
– Custodianship of the Australian and Scottish Peoples historical trading relations between Asian Nations such as for example the trading hubs that exists in Areas like the Malacca Straits.

So what you see on the site now, is just the starting scratch pad. This is a project I will probably be running for 10 years and over.

I will begin sharing content from new posts on AsiaBusiness.TV around our network right away.

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