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Foreign Policy to Release Digital Aggression and Security reports.

I May have announced something like this before.

At this point though I am collecting Much more data on digital activity so am better placed to deliver.

We are going to release security report 3 / 4 times annually and cover topics such as:
– Regions displaying aggression toward our digital commercial activity.
– Regions / Nations with greatest propensity toward engaging in hacking activity.
– Regions involved in malicious / spam / crawl activity.

Reports will help as a I guess finger in the breeze to ascertain nations and races engaged in bad spirited conduct against our general media work and our commercial projects. This guide can be used to help inform our broader policy even including actual travel access to our nations. If for example we find 60% of Hack attempts come out of Vietnam and hong/kong. Why would we maintain positive travel relationships with these lands. Whats is the difference between robbing someone on the street and hacking into their web shop to rob them.

Hopefully these reports will provide benefit to the whole nation.

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