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How our media went from happy herbalism to ultra violence in the shortest of times.


I have traveled to many nations around the world. One example, years ago I went to Kenya. There were times where I was in remote parts of Kenya and was surrounded by African people. None of them laid a finger on me. So for me it is extremely concerning that not only has violence against me transpired in my home land, it is concerning that the people behind it are receiving paycheques supposedly to protect us. So make no mistakes I learned that the police’s jobs have nothing to do with protecting and saving Australian lives.

So as long as there are people around my physical presence threatening physical violence, they are always going to be informed that the outcome for them may be violent.

Violence is not in my nature. However, when attacked with violence we will always defend ourselves. Admittedly sometimes when chastising myself with the use of violent words, I do end up saying “What if I did nothing, what If I said nothing?”.

You know those photos of Masons on the internet that have a big black eye? Well my best guess is that is punishment for falling asleep spiritually as a human. So yeah I hate violence but I also worry that the punishment for me will be greater If I let the tyranny that is surrounding us succeed.

There is a story about the traditional peoples that occupied some of the lands of Scotland known as the Picts. It is said that when roman conquerers came to take their lands they were so violently defeated that the bodies were just piles of blood and bone. This served to make the roman invaders obviously think twice before coming back. Now my blood comes from both sides of this conflict. But my gratitude towards the Picts for defending the spirit of our people is eternal.

As far as my life goes I never planned to get involved in me vs Jew. But when the people who assault us leave records of their actions and it points to Jews, as does my research on many other crimes. Well my words can be much more focused. The bible teaches us that there is no such thing as Jew as there is no such thing as Greek. Well the people that assault us identify as Jew. Maybe their violence comes from the fact they are clinging to false things.

I don’t think we are yet close to the end of violent words coming from me in relation to the Jewish presence, attitude and intent in our society. I have not yet received my satisfaction and I have had nothing in terms of apology for what was ultimately a pre meditated act of violence. Given that this is my home land. I need to go on until I can see it is safe enough for me to raise children in. How would it be raising children knowing that any day police could break down your door, take you or them and assault them maybe even sexually in a cell. We are going to see major changes to prison systems in our nations and as we get closer to publishing guidance on Jewish presence in our society that will be one area where jewish investment and participation in nations like Australia, Italy and Greece where Jewish involvement will be strictly prohibited.

In my work I try to abstain from violence. However as long as there are people who conduct themselves violently in close proximity to me, I will surely use violence as a tool to secure my safety.

The real truth about me is that I have seldom be involved in violence. Another truth is that I have never had my hands on a gun or a banana. But the jews will never tell you that. They have too much invested in destroying our names to protect themselves from their own acute crimes and violence of the past. During my life we will destroy many Jewish deceptions and try many past jewish crimes. We owe a clean slate in our lands to the future of our people.

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