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Malcolm Turnbull, Derryn Hinch and the Murder of Innocent Australian Citizens.

Melbourne Car Attack
Melbourne Car Attack

In 2017 Malcolm Turnbull and Senator Derryn Hinch were involved in the execution a simulated Media Event that was projected through Australia Television Media. The Event that was simulated was an attack on the Australian population by a crazed man in a car.

Since this simulated event has taken place, further simulated and some authentic attacks against Australian citizens have taken place.

These acts of simulation and use of Australian tax payers money to defraud the Australian citizenry are nothing short of acts of Murder.

We encourage all Australian citizens to exercise extreme caution in becoming involved in any kind of commercial relations with either Hinch or Turnbull.

It is our sincerest hope that we see these Men tried for the Crime of Murder and the use of Media as a weapon against the People of Australia.

We also encourage Australian citizens to respond in kind with acts of Violence against these two men who treat us with Violence. We encourage any god fearing citizen amongst the Australian community to exact revenge against Turnbull, Hinch and their families until they have paid a cost for the murder of innocent Australian citizens. Justice will not be done until these men have paid a cost for their murder. Maybe a little time in the Clinker is what would teach these men how to conduct themselves in the media and in the light.

Amongst our media which is growing in both volume and Audience size, these men will always be remembered as murderers, criminals, liars and traitors to the Australian citizenry.

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