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Media Simulation and Murder

Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook

Much of what comes out of our televisions is Trash. The more you study the extent of the trash becomes clearer. Almost every institution in Australia is rife with corruption, nepotism fraud and criminality.

The institution of royalty is completely fraudulent and has been for decades. The first concern I had about this is that the absence of real Nobility in society makes you wonder what we are being lead by. Nobility and royalty traditionally played a real role in society so its simulation and the void that it leaves is highly concerning.

I wondered why this simulation of Nobility continued since we openly have disclosed it to the public.

This act of simulation in itself is extremely violent, and I figured as people woke up they would cease.

The reason they continue is simple. Business and contractual Fraud. They will stick their fake nobility in Australian faces and rape them of their energy for as long as they physically can get away with it.

Let me be clear. I don’t mind people making money. I just don’t like them making it by way of deception.

There are laws in Commonwealth Law, that prohibit this. Ironically the Commonwealth itself is a deception from the ground up. Go Figure.

So Young Australians are subject to the nation of England and the state of Israel, robbing and deceiving them from the ground up, and they refuse to end their deception.

What I have noticed about the people that perpetrate these deceptions is that when you are taken by them, they laugh at you. But when you call them out, they become nasty.

The other question that has to be asked is does Media Simulation actually result in copycat murders? Recently a large number of Youtubers called out the Melbourne car attack as Masonic Fuckery and media simulation. I haven’t researched the second attack in depth, but if this is genuine, are the orchestrators of the first simulation responsible for the crime of Murder. The question needs to be asked, and people involved in government, media and Masonry need to be highly conscious of how their energy is used.

We believe with changes to the media environment these deceptions will come undone. And the people responsible for them will be held accountable for not only deception but also murder.

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