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On The Virtues of Creating Positive Media – Telling The Story Of Nepal.TV

Media is really important. If you look at the stories of how past generations have been betrayed in our nations, well the failures of men to act are in media. If men in media were of stronger principal many peoples lives would have been enhanced.

So I wanted to tell you a little about how I produced Nepal.TV. I want people to see how men can use their energies to be a positive influence in other peoples lives.

So before I entered Nepal I knew nothing of it. I didn’t plan my journey. I showed up with a small handy cam.

I didn’t ask anyone for budget. I didn’t ask anyone for planning.

Much of the travel I did myself. For example the shots of Everest base camp I just trekked up there myself without a sherpa or guide.

Once my 3 month journey in Nepal finished the entirety of the work producing that project I completed by myself in my bedroom in London.

That project gave exposure to hundreds of businesses and many charities. We didn’t ask anyone for money in that project. It wasn’t really monetised ever from recollection. The exposure we received on project was I would guess hundreds of thousands of people per year.

The similar work I did in Thailand, what we projected outwardly of Thailand was exceptionally positive. If you look at what the Jewish Americans who travel to Thailand and produce movies there do Is they promote a curse on that nation also. Look at those honey moon movies. The Jews use media to Project low Sexual tones against everyone.

There are not a heap of people producing positive media. Nepal.TV will probably be one of the greatest spiritual works I will produce in my life. It was so Random. I was still learning how to do the web work at the time. I actually didn’t think I would ever get it finished. But I did and it ran for years. It was a great pleasure to create.

Anyways, Im publishing this because in the coming weeks I will be announcing a new project. It’s focus will be Asia. Again we will set out with the intention to have a positive impact on peoples lives.

I hope that everyone understands that when you work with media you can have an impact that ripples across generations. When we look at men like Kubrick’s life, a good way to summarise that story would be to say, he got involved in one big fuck up. And most of his future film work was about correcting it.

For me when I look Back on Nepal.TV it is such a nice feeling to just have a bunch of positive spirt work in the bag. All of these nasty little people. They want to ‘break into your house’ so that can say something nasty about someone. I broke into whole nations and came out telling the world what wonderful places they are. I hope whether you build websites, produce movies or are in the business of trading product you don’t loose the focus of having a positive impact on the lives of people you interact with.

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