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Parental Warning For Children Accessing Youtube On Tablets And Mobile Devices

This Is A Warning For Families All Around Earth About Giving Children Access To The Youtube Platform On Devices Like Tablets And Mobile Phones.

The Corporation That Runs Youtube Ultimately Develop A Sophisticated Mental Abuse Platform.

They Will Literally Gather Data On Your Children For The Whole Breadth Of Their Lives. And They Will Use That Data To Project Threats, Consciousness Curtailment And Complex Mental Abuses.

The Best Defence From This Abuse Is Both Warning Your Children About The Youtube Platform, Encouraging Them From Finding Other Sources Of Media. But Also Encouraging A Lifestyle Where More Time Is Spent In The Garden And Outdoors Absorbing Natural Light So They Get A Strong Sense Of Separation Of Their Own Being And The Synthetic Media Projection Technology.

I Have Removed Myself From Youtube A Number Of Times. I Am Now Looking At Building Systems To Broadcast Independently. I’m Also Going To Be Blocking Out Youtube And Looking For More Independent Media Channels That Are Separate From US Cults. It’s Actually Near Impossible To Find Media Seperate From This Sinister Occult Conduct.

It’s Our Advice That Parent Teach Children About The Risks Of Using Youtube And Also Advise Them To Undertake Independent Studies On Occult Topics Like Masonry And Hexing So They Form Their Own Internal Strengths And Views On These Matters.

It Would Probably Be Best You Didn’t Introduce Your Children To Youtube Or Encourage Them To Go On The Platform.

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