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Some Life Advice To Journalists.

I used to date this Girl who was really quick at changing Boyfriends. At first when we dated it obviously annoyed me. I would leave the bedroom duck down the street to get some snacks, and by the time I got back she had found a new boyfriend. That is an exaggeration, but not a huge one.

Anyways at one point she told me she had started dating a Journalist. We weren’t really dating at that time, but regardless I was surprisingly unfazed. It’s kind of like finding out your wife had an affair with a podiatrist. Oh……You are dating a Journalist……………

I just didn’t feel jealousy at all.

I think that if you are a journalist and all you have in life is a bunch of pieces with occult masonic riddle. That if all your work is looking outwardly toward other issues, with no indication you have clarity of what you are building yourself. Then you don’t really have much.

When I said News was getting better, not so much. I think we have made some people have to work harder.

But Again, if you are creating a bunch of pieces with staged fake characters, encoded articles. Im personally getting sick of decoding them and am more interested in what I can output. You will notice that what I output aims at merging multiple sources toward disclosing some type of truth. What most journalists are doing is staging or concealing something to achieve a political objective.

In the long run that work is going to be worth little. With the amount of news venues and outlets collapsing, the only advice I can give would be make your own life, your own builds, your own goals a part of what you produce. If you don’t give any of yourself and you are always representing a Corporate, a News Publisher or Some type of Masonic Body, you are going to be left standing with little. Any wise being will look at your portfolio and say “You didn’t get it, you didn’t do much”

If you look at my work, I have some straight journalism. Some Build projects that involve retail or another commercial focus. It varies. But it forces me to not just think ‘What is good for this company, what is good for this brand’. I have to think, what is going to fly with the universe as a whole.

Anyways Im looking at a lot of these media Pieces and Narratives coming out of papers and just saying “Can’t be arsed reading, cant be arsed decoding, cant be arsed responding.” I’m more interested in what I can output that is of value.

I don’t think the Job Title Journalist is going to mean much in the future. Most Australian Flagship Media will crumble in time due to the weight of occult crimes they have been a part of.

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