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Some of the Communications you see in News Papers and Television are Mimicked from Recordings from My Home. What’s that About.

I was never cool with cheating in School. I looked around the class room and just kind of sighed. Y’all don’t like to think for yourselves? It was mostly the surfers and football players in our school.

A few years back now I worked in A South African Insurance Company In Sydney. We went on like a company trip to this Island in Sydney. We did this like orienteering kind of competition. Kind of intended to be fun. Anyways, all of the young men Co-workers decided the easiest way to win was to cheat. After a while, I just kind of went this is not really doing much for me. And went home.

Obviously in the work I do, I can’t really cheat. You’ll learn that in life the hard way. The way out doesn’t have a lot of cheats. Its a way of being.

So what is some of this Mimicry about.

That word matters because it is key to the Gnostic Narrative.

I At This point don’t know if we should give any credence to what they call the Nag Hamadi Codices. Something dug out of Egypt in the 40s. Risky Business. But as I said, i think we should keep open alternative narratives that take us to spirit. In This case, help us at least comprehend in some way the darkness that occupies this realm.

I’ll give you an example of when I first noticed this. I was watching our local news a few years ago. I had just been for a walk. And there was a mockery news piece with someone kind of mimicking me. They chose a character that kind of looked like me. Well, in a mocking way. And they were simulating what I was doing in my walk. Pretty weird I just ignored it for ages. I have been ignoring all the mockery, surveillance intrusion, sexual slander for years now. But as I get wiser to sources, methods and messaging it becomes easier to tackle it.

Some of the places I see this mimicking, often taken from conversation just in my families living room
– The SMH – Particular Journalists are used to copy sentiments I have expressed in family conversations.
– The News Broadcasts during the evening are full of mimicry, mockery and parasitism taken from my computer.

So I will expand a bit on the goals and reasons this takes place, going quite deep.

1. It’s back to school yard cheating. These people do not know what goodness is. So they take from your own spirit. They determine what they feel is good. And they outwardly express that hoping for praise or whatever they expect. Noble guys. Really special. What I would suggest you do is find that goodness within yourself. Find direction within yourself. Feeding off others will A – Be very obvious – B Not Get you Far – C Probably wind you up in deep water long term.

2. The manipulation and commanding of the spirt realm is a critical skill that leaders must be able to practice. What forces, many I would suggest in America who have had command of that spirit are doing, is exploiting my spirit in the etheric realm, using the lower rungs of that realm (Print / Broadcast / Digital Media) with the aim of de-stabilising our own Peoples Spiritual Objectives. It’s a very sinister practice. I would call it akin to using Voodoo Dolls. Be careful out there in NO Yall. If I find it’s you I’ll do like a Pashtun Do With Goats when it comes to Horse Play Time. So that is how I see that kind of Mockery / Mimicry. For example, there was a super fat Guy Bashing a Bus. That was spirit Mockery of Me a few weeks back. Very Crude Mockery, ultimately intended to be wide spread spirit realm disruption. I really want you to understand that effect. I don’t care so much about the stupidity of the mockery, it is so crude when people who create it face their justice, any wise human will be able to see through their stupidity. But what I want you to see, is coordinated, fast acting, well resourced forces deliberately working to negatively disrupt our spirit realm. Using the lower etheric manipulation technologies. They want to win that game using very demeaning mockery.

The Bible teaches us in the end everything will be known. This will come to pass. However the word of the Bible in that case was not about putting technologies in peoples homes. Different things will be known. It’s not about how you clean away your semites in private time. I have a piece coming up about sexual privacy matters soon.

So I will work towards concluding this by explaining that in the Gnostic Narrative what we are taught is that the beings that have been left in this realm as a negative fall out from the Galactic Core. The beings are said not to experience emotions as us. To be envious of us. To ultimately be seeking our destruction, which they are said to be incapable of. I hope in the long term to be able to beat these forces through:

– Purity of Intention
– Goodness of Works
– Stronger Adherence to Historical Truth
– Regular Healthy Balanced Lunches

And a range of other means that are officially classified as Secret Masons Business.

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