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Stu Knows Mysterious Things. Why?

Ironically. This is a walk down memory lane to Fukushima.

One of the Things my Japanese Girlfriend said to me…..I cant find the words in Japanese. But In english it translated to “You have a very Inquisitive mind”…..We used to sit around with those electronic dictionaries to converse.

So Yeah I do I get really OCD about Studying bizarre things. I know I told you about my Krishnamurti Stage.

Well Ill tell you about two really Bizarre Things I got into study some years back.
One is MK ULTRA. I spoke about that in detail in some youtube vids. Studying this gives you a lot of fruit. People don’t like studying dark things. I really don’t either. Know the dark Choose the light. But unfortunately you do have to creep into researching dark spaces.

The other thing I wanted to talk about for this post is HAARP. I was OCD about studying that for months. The HAARP Arrays in Alaska.

I spoke to you Guys about the benefits of having a conspiracy Mind.

So you think Im some Type of Dentist Like My Private Students in Fukushima Were. Because I didn’t go doting over all of my fond ol friends in Fukushima. It is because my mind had already begun entertaining a bunch of alternate theories on how things like Energy, nuclear power, earth energy, elementals, Etc, etc Work. So again in Hindsight. Im glad I didn’t go making a big deal about the Fukushima meltdown on the interwebs because as usual with tricky dickies that like to make light tricks. All was not as it seemed.

Writing about this. Like I decode things and sometimes I keep things to myself. Sometimes I will communicate deep truths in an occult symbolic way. But when it gets to the point that I can feel within myself that things are so extreme that our people need to know. As in people involved in events in Japan That effect our own peoples relationships in these areas. I really need to speak up.

I was contemplating on Fukushima. And I remembered through my Study of HARP. That falsifying weather or influencing weather with technology has been known been known as an act of war. So we need to start thinking. If someone even asian nations. Has the mind of occult covert wars on us. We need to know. And we need to know how to combat and restrain their aggressive actions against us.

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