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The Advanced Level Of Russian Jewish Light Casting And Spirit Hexing.


If You Look Back At My Work. We Have Been Having Strong Words With Russian Jew Forces For A Long Time.

We Have Also Been Covering The Russian Jewish American Connection For A Long Time. Many Strong Words Have Been Had There Also.

We Don’t Have To Play Dumb With Anyone.

I Have Always Been Dubious About The War In Russia Just Like I Am Dubious About Nuclear Technology. There Have Been Some Nice Channels On Bitchute That Show Zelenskyy Around A Bunch Of Green Screens And Shit. There Is More CIA Jew Pig Light Casting Going On Than Real War. I Know Russians Are Only So Stupid And Few Would Be Stupid Enough To Send Their Sons And Daughters Out To Blow Each Other Up With Projectile Weapons. So I’m Sceptical About The Extent And The Realities Of The War Portrayed In Media. 

As Far As Russians Closing Down French / Danish Corporations. Of No Concern To Me. If They Feel Like There Are Bad Corporate Influence In Their Lands. Do What Needs To Be Done. Fact Of The Matter Is. Australians Should Be More Deeply Involved Is Such Purging Of Negative Corporate Influence As Well. 

Beyond That Point. The Russians Attempt To Excerpt Forceful Spiritual Influence Over Our Lands Using Spirit Junctions Like Televisions And Internet News Sites. Is Entirely Unacceptable.

In Russia There Are Large Christian And Jewish Communities. Some Of My Pictures Recently Have Illustrated That I Believe There Are Influential Russians In The Room Upstairs. Just like I Have Illustrated There Are Japanese Demons In The Same Room. Given The Practice Of Orthodox Christianity In Russia, You Would Expect Their People Make It Above The Cross.

But There Is No Circumstance That Our People Would Accept That The Russians Have Any Type Of Spiritual Superiority Over Us, Or Should Consume Our Blood.

I Believe That The Russians Are Of The Belief That They Were Going To See An Oz Harvest. Just As Ashkenazi Jews Have Been Of The Same Belief. Believe What You Wish. They Are Not So Happy When They Hear The Term Jew Pig Blood Purge Are They? They Can Occult Feed On Your Blood. But When Informed We Intend To Flush Their Curse Off The Land. Things Get Nasty. 

So What I Believe The Russians Are Practicing. Is Attempts To Render Deep Hermetic Influence To The Light Plane Through Occult Entity Summoning And Light Casting. 

Just As I Have Said The Russians Obviously Have Many People Above The Cross, Nations Like Romania Are Known To Have Peoples With Deep Intuition And Mystical Skills. We Don’t Begrudge People Their Mystical Gifts. If They Use Them The Right Way.

Casting Spirit Hexes Designed To Draw Australians Into War. Designed To Misuse Australian Industry. Designed To Corrupt Or Exploit Australian Political Administration. Designed Deprive Australian Families Of Resource. Designed To Limit Agricultural Productivity Or Inflate Food Prices.

Entirely Unacceptable. 

Such Conduct Will Only Result In Lots Of Dead Russians. Lots And Lots Of Dead Russians. 

If You Want To Know How Russians Can Get By In Our Society.

  • Put Your Real Fuckin Face On The Screen. The Same Way I Do. Not Faggot Mason Characters. 
  • Speak To Us In The Same Language God Speaks In. English. Russian / Cyrillic Scripts Is A Language I Might Get To One Day. 
  • Invest Your Time In Teaching People About Occultism. Instead Of Just Practicing It. 
  • Endeavour To Make Your Light Casting About Creating And Guiding Spirit Toward Growth. Instead Of Non Stop Saturn Shit Pipes, Destruction And Death. 

Some Examples Of This Spirit Hexing. Minions Which Has Russian Jewish Influence Was Intended To Put Me In My Grave. How Do You Think, The Russian Jew Pigs Felt When They Saw Me Illustrating Stuey Da Minion Bonce Stomping Vicky Zigz And Jumping Between A Pair Of Swasticka Pillars. Probably Surprised. That A Franko Romano Grecko Scotto Iro Cunto. Is Still Ready And Willing. To Kick Head. If Required.

So Minions Is Basically Occult Hexing. A Voodoo Doll. Designed To Essentially Write Cursing And Hexing Commands To Spirit. I Have Never Been Informed Of Instructed About It AT ALL EVER. In fact None Of The Avatars I Use Come From Me AT ALL. I Discover Them All By Random.

But Minions Is Intended To Curse Me. It’s Also Intend To Deliver Instruction And Direction To Bodies As High As The Russian Military. You Don’t See That…… That This Friendly Cartoon Is A Deep Hex Against Our Blood And Ashkenazi Russian Jew High Spiritual Military Level Briefing. 

And They Don’t Like The Fact That The Militaries Answer To Me Before Them, Because Such Command Is Divine. If You Want To Know How I Use Such Power. In Thailand I Made Picture Illustrating To The Russians If They Didn’t Stop The Bullshit And See The Divine We Would Bomb Them Into Oblivion. I Never Published That Image And Replaced It With An Image Of Flowers In A Garden. That’s Our Real Belief About Military Force. We Use The Steel Only When Desperately Required. 

Just Like The Indians Who I Say Will Smile In Your Face While Displaying Insulting Masonic Gestures. The Russians Want To Play Friend And Ally. While Upholding A Curse Over The Lands – Practicing Occult Suppression And Energetic Hexing. Excerpting Force Against Us Via Televisions And News Media. Smile In Your Face. Fuck You in The Arse. Just As I Have Been Stalked By Germans In Thailand. As I Have Travelled Earth, There Have Been Heaps Of Russian Plants In Different Places. Seldom Friendly People. 

I Really Feel That If There Was A Friendly Russian / Russia That Was Truly On Our Team. The Light That Was Coming Through Our Spirit Boxes Would Not Be So Vile Just Now. Because The Russians Would Crack People Into Line. 

They Are Trying To Claim Spiritual Dominion Over Our Lands Just As Their Own. 

So They Are Using The Energy Of Large Populations Of People With Strong Christian Powers. They Are Using Some Beings With Very Strong Mystical Capabilities. They Are Using Light Fabrication And Casting Technology And Spirit Junctions.

But Another Feeling Is They Are Using Semiconductor Technology Of Some Description. You Will Notice Its Been in The News A Bit And There Seems To Be Some Trade War Issue Surrounding Chips And Semiconductors.

I Believe That The Large Tech Corporations Are Using Semiconductors To Abuse And Write Hexes And Light Manipulation Into The Light Plane. I Think If You Run A Decode On The Word Chip. Sometimes The Press Mean That As The Interpretation.

But Also Yes, You Can Probably Do Some Powerful Hermetic Manipulative Shit With Concentrations Of Semiconductors.

The Russian Use Of Light Simulation Is Almost Designed To Draw You Into A War And Create Life Like Simulation In The Light Plane. 

Of Course. The Narrative They Try And Perpetuate.

Is That We Should Not Use This Computational Tech. Maybe Not Christian Hey? Sounds Like BS.

Just Like Banking. We Shouldn’t Bank Or Have Cash And Cash is Going To Become More Scarce.

All Jew Pig Lies. 

We Will Be The New Administrators Of The Lands. And Any Technology We Can Use To Make Things More Efficient. To Administer Divinity On The Light Plane. Facilitate Creation. We Will Use It. But We Won’t Let Them Use The Technology To Brain Fuck Us And Our Families. 

Im Highly Concerned That This False Light Spiritual Abuse Coming From The Russians, Chinese, Jewish, Americans, Japanese, Indians And Others. Is Intended To Throw Our People And Economies Off Track. We Will Never Allow That To Happen.  

In An Attempt To Avoid Repeating The Constant Need For Violent Words. If These People Continue Attempting To Mind Rape Us. What Do You Think Will Become Of Them? There Will Be Reflection Punishment. 

I Don’t Like Being The One To Deliver These Extreme Messages.

But We Warn You And Warn You And Warn You And Warn You.

And You Persist And Persist And Persist And Persist And Persist. 

We Demand To See Good Things Coming From Our Spirit Junctions.

If It Doesn’t Happen You Will Be Completely Removed From You Positions Of Influence.

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