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What Happened to the BBC?

BBC Skull & Bones
BBC Skull & Bones

As people we all look out to the world to see what is happening. We want happy news. It is probably a weakness in us that we have to look outwardly to find it. The BBC is supposed to be positioned as the media front of our nations. It has now failed in that position and is operating as a criminal spiritual force in our nations.

I have received through mysterious channels briefings that England is not operating at a level of spirit suitable to hold itself as a leader of other nations of the world.

I have informed the BBC of the extremity of the situation they are in, that the lives of the people operating that publication are no longer protected in our lands due to their failure to defend the lives and rights of our own people in our nations.

I will play some role in finding solutions to the media chasm that has formed in the UK. I don’t know what all the solutions are. I may seek to provide some as an entrepreneur. I may do so in decrees or design decrees. I also do have fairly robust spiritual understandings of the failings that have taken place in The BBC, and systems that we might implement to resolve them.

The content that the BBC is publishing is just not substantial enough to be contributing to the sustenance of life in our nations. The paradigms it is perpetuating are no longer valid in our nations. The shortcomings of the BBCs work are felt by the people of our nations and others.

This is not the first time in England’s history that it has held the responsibility of great spiritual failures amongst earths people. In times past it has cost the english people many lives. This time i’m not saying the consequences may not be as extreme. The fact of the matter is that the BBC and the people that have been behind it are responsible for the violent theft of life in England and other nations.

The time has come for England and the English people behind operations like the BBC to face the full consequences of their spiritual crimes. As we do that we are to have no mercy for english men, women or children who have benefited from spiritual corruption at the cost of others.

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